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This is my first post.

I wrote this blog using Emacs and Org mode.

I’ve used vim for almost two years.

When I first gave emacs a try maybe couple weeks ago, I was hook.

So I decided to switch from vim to emacs instantly.

Now I use it as my main IDE in daily work.

Still in the process of learning to use emacs efficiently.

Elisp, the language used for written emacs extensions, is way more powerful than vimscript.

But it seemed quite impossible to master.

Org mode is one awesome tool.

From time to time, people compare org mode(.org) to markdown(.md).

However, org mode is much more complicated and it also has more features.

Org mode is one of the many reasons why I made the switch to emacs.

You can even manage your life with it.

org mode basic usage

1. Texts:

Bold italic verbatim linethrought

2. Display some

simply type “<s” and hit tab, then choose the language.

// some c code
#include <stdio.h>

int main () {
    printf("hello world.");
    return 0;

3. Create

Ctrl-c Ctrl-l, type in the url and description Google

4. Tables

id name sex
01 John M
02 James M

5. Exporting

Export to other formats(HTML, Markdown, PDF, LaTeX…) using Ctrl-c Crtl-e

For more details about exporting: Org mode exporting

6. TODO List

I define my todo workflow using five states.

TODO and Done are the two default states.

(setq org-todo-keywords

7. Display images: